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About Guy Farmer

I’m poet and joke writer Guy Farmer. You’re cordially invited to visit me at:


Poems and Poetry

Poems and Poetry - Poems about the Human Condition

I love contemplating the inner and outer human condition through evocative poems. I write poetry that explores life and its fascinating meanderings. I also enjoy publishing other poets’ work on my blog. Visit Poems and Poetry.


Masterpiece Jokes

Masterpiece Jokes - Funny Jokes Blog

The voices in my head encourage me to write silly, offbeat jokes. If you greatly enjoy going to see romantic comedies with your pet horse then you’ll like my jokes. Visit Masterpiece Jokes.


Wee Poetry

Wee Poetry - Tiny Poems about the Inner and Outer World

I love writing tiny poems that explore people’s inner lives and how they relate to each other and the world around them. Visit Wee Poetry.


Social Justice Poetry

Social Justice Poetry - Poems Promoting Social Justice

Poetry promoting social justice. A clarion call for equality, opportunity, peace, hope, and compassion for everyone. Visit Social Justice Poetry.


The Poet Community

The Poet Community - Share Your Poetry with the World

I started this site to give thoughtful poets the opportunity to share their wonderful poetry with the world. Visit The Poet Community.


The Self-Awareness Guy

The Self-Awareness Guy - Tips to Become Self-Aware at Home and at Work

I help people become more self-aware in their personal and professional lives. Visit The Self-Awareness Guy.


Learning to Be Happy with Yourself

Learning to Be Happy with Yourself - Free Tips to Live a Happy Life

Quick tips to help you live a happy life. Visit Learning to Be Happy with Yourself.


Free Online Relationship Advice

Free Online Relationship Advice - Relationship Questions and Answers

A collection of relationship questions and answers for people who want to improve their relationships. Visit Free Online Relationship Advice.