Guy Farmer

Who Is Guy Farmer?

I’m self-awareness coach, workshop and retreat facilitator, poet, and joke writer Guy Farmer. For as long as I remember, I’ve had a view of the world rather different from the norm. I see things from a creative, big picture perspective and I greatly enjoy the abstract and ether-like realms of existence often called touchy-feely or airy-fairy.

I love coaching, facilitating and writing for creative, kind, open-minded individuals and groups who are ready to celebrate how wonderful they are and live deeply fulfilling, meaningful, happy lives. My unconventional perspective has allowed me to help people let go of the junk in their personal or professional lives and live authentically. Here are my current lovely projects:

The Self-Awareness Guy

The Self-Awareness Guy · Self-Awareness Coaching · Self-Awareness Workshops · Self-Awareness Retreats

I specialize in self-awareness coaching, workshops and retreats for creative, thoughtful, open-minded people who are ready to let go of the garbage in their lives and think, feel and behave positively and deeply. I work exclusively with forward-thinking people who are willing to look at themselves and aren’t afraid of change. Visit me at The Self-Awareness

How to Be Happy

How to Be Happy · Quick Tips and Advice on How to Be Happy in Life

As a compassionate, thought-provoking and encouraging happiness coach, workshop and retreat facilitator, I enjoy sharing quick tips and advice gained over years of helping people discover how to be happy in life. Visit me at How to Be Happy,

My other fabulous happiness-building blog is How Can I Be Happy,, where I share pithy four-sentence tips on how to be happy.

Poems and Poetry

Poems and Poetry · Original Contemporary Poetry · Submit Your Poems

I love contemplating the inner and outer human condition through evocative poems. I write poetry that explores life and its fascinating meanderings. I also enjoy publishing other poets’ work on my blog. Visit me at Poems and Poetry,

Jokes Funny Joke

Jokes Funny Joke · Silly, Offbeat, Funny Jokes




The voices in my head encourage me to write silly, offbeat jokes. If you greatly enjoy going to see romantic comedies with your pet horse then you’ll like my jokes. Visit me at Jokes Funny Joke,

I look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your exciting journey through life.



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